10411819_940123972673583_2770208860336147355_nIan Felpel is a music producer/engineer, DJ, new media artist, and writer from Lancaster, PA. He graduated Stetson University in DeLand, FL with a B.A. in Digital Arts and freelances sound design, audio production/engineering, and music reviews for the indie music platform, The Death of CDs.

As a musician, Ian has recorded and performed live electronic dance music since 2009, and disc jockeyed a variety of high school charity and college events, including opening for Christian rap artist Trip Lee at Afterdark Stetson in 2015. As a new media artist, he has co-programmed and performed projection mapped visuals for musicians like jazz drummer Jim Black, and won two prestigious awards (Ethan Greene Award and Maris Prize Honorable Mention for Outstanding Art Presentation) for his senior interactive installation, HIGAVI. Currently, he produces cinematic ambient soundscapes as Insomnious Noise, and is working on a follow-up to the project’s 2010 full-length debut, “Soundtrack to an Imaginary Film.

When not working on art/music and writing reviews, Ian enjoys traveling to new places across the United States, drinking addictive amounts of coffee, and reading dozens of books in one sitting (including Christian theology tomes like Calvin’s Institutes and Curtis Road’s classic “Computer Music Tutorial”).