Stars speckle the night sky, as the wind moans a lullaby. Planets gleam like beams of light piercing through an orifice. Kaleidoscopic galaxies shift in a recognizable yet erratic pattern. Is God sustaining this creation, guiding all by his providential hand? Is this realm merely the operation of natural laws and chance? Does mankind’s actions have significant influence in the universe, or are such actions meaningless? HIGAVI (acronym for Hybrid Interactive-Generative Audiovisual Instrument) captures this question of life and meaning through an amalgamation of music, visuals, and interactive electronics. The installation is designed to be continuously changing, while also requiring the audience’s participation. As participants walk across a series of invisible infrared beams, animations and music are generated in real-time. Melodies can be created by one or more people, while the computer composes accompanying soundscapes. Each time the piece is played, it is programmed to be ephemeral and never repeated the same way twice.



  • Ethan F. Greene Award, presented by the Digital Arts Department at Stetson University, DeLand, FL
  • Maris Prize Honorable Mention for Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium at Stetson University, DeLand, FL